Taking the plunge


My First Week …


Remember how I told you about the Heavenly Intervention?  Well, I’m still positive it is the only reason I went back to my SFI Homepage.


I tried to ignore the welcome email from SFI but something kept on nagging at me.  How can you actually dismiss this without even trying?  True, it looked mighty complicated and confusing. True, you’ve tried many other things that didn’t work, but at least you tried.  Why then are you now giving up without finding out what it’s all about?


I gave in – and logged into my SFI account.


Right, so there I was.  A proud affiliate of SFI without a clue what to do!


And this is where the true magic happened.  The day before I felt intimidated and everything looked terribly complicated.  Now, as I sat calmly and read through the Basics and some of the other training materials, it felt as everything just fell into place!


I remembered that saying : every journey starts with the first step.  So I took the first step and started doing the Getting-started actions:

SFI Affiliate Center GettingStartedActions

I quickly realized this was not difficult and my points were climbing at an amazing rate! I was learning and at the same time earning!  What a pleasure.


So, by the end of October I was a Silver Team Leader with earnings of $1-96!


Now I can just see you snickering 🙂  But remember, I battled for years to earn small amounts from Amazon and CB.  And I most definitely NEVER earned ANYTHING in the first week!  That’s why I was so impressed with my first $1-96!


SFI _ My SFI Commissions


That was my first week as a SFI affiliate.


Next, the amazing month of November ….

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