Strong Future International (SFI)



SFI is an international network marketing company. Its full name is Strong Future International (originally Six Figure Income), and is owned by Carson Services Inc, based in Nebraska, USA.


SFI launched in 1998, and has gone through many changes and evolutions since then. It is now a solid and well established company in its 17th successful year that gains thousands of new affiliates every day. The growth is phenomenal, and there are good reasons for it.


The heart of any company is its products, and SFI has a product range that most network marketing companies would envy. Products are sold through the online shopping site,TripleClicks, which is rather like Amazon in that it has products available from TripleClicks itself and also from other private and business sellers. This means the range of products is almost limitless, and potential customers are bound to find something they like. Find out more about TripleClicks  HERE.


The support and encouragement given to new affiliates at SFI is unequaled by any other network marketing company. There are extensive training materials, and affiliates are rewarded for working through them.


In addition to the usual sponsor (the person who referred them to SFI) and upline team, each affiliate is allocated a cosponsor, who is an additional source of support and advice, and can communicate with yet more experienced affiliates through the a2a (affiliate 2 affiliate) network as well as the forum.


There’s also a contest for all new affiliates called E365 (Entrepreneur 365) that runs for the first year after registration and rewards contestants with prizes, as well as providing an extra incentive to develop their business.





WHY has SFI been so successful, while thousands of other would-be competitors have fallen by the wayside over the last 10 years?


WHY has SFI become arguably the #1 affiliate program in the world? We attribute it largely to the unique makeup of our affiliate program—a hybrid sales and marketing system exquisitely powered by the Internet.


It probably also has a lot to do with the simple fact that SFI WORKS for so many thousands of people.  SFI is a business, not a get rich quick scheme!  Like all businesses, it takes time and commitment to see results, and affiliates should not expect to start making tons of  money immediately.




  • 17th successful year for SFI (30th for SFI’s parent company, Carson Services Inc.)
  • 1.6 million affiliates (thousands added each week)
  • 3.7 million TripleClicks members from 203 countries
  • 88,570  commissionable products (hundreds added weekly)
  • 3,889 E-Commerce Affiliates (in 148 countries)
  • 104 LocalPay Merchants (in 31 countries)
  • 4,624 –’s global popularity rank (source:
  • Millions – Commissions paid out to our affiliates (in US Dollars)


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