November 2014

Awesome Income!
Awesome Income!

The Amazing Month of November


Right, so now it’s the first day of November and I’m ready to go.  The thing is, although I still have all the VPs I accumulated for October, they don’t count for November. So I have to go through all the stages for re-qualification.


This is how it works:  I get VersaPoints (VPs) for everything I do.  From doing my daily to-list, playing games, taking part in auctions, selling stuff and so on.  I need a certain amount of VPs to advance in rank.


When I joined SFI I automatically became an affiliate.  You don’t need any VPs to be an affiliate, but obviously the idea is to grow my business.  So I have to advance my rank.


Here’s the VP’s needed:

Executive Affiliate  (EA) 1500 ;   Bronze Team Leader (BTL) 3000 ;  Silver Team Leader (STL) 4000

Gold Team Leader (GTL) 5000 and Platinum Team Leader (PTL) 6000.


I’m not going to explain the benefits of each rank now, that’s a whole other post.  But I’m sure you get that the higher rank you have the nicer the benefits:-)


When I joined, my goal was to see how quickly I could make it to the highest rank possible.  I only realized later that maybe that was not the best strategy.  Good though, because now I have knowledge that I can pass on to my team members that will make it easier for them 🙂  I made it to STL in record time, but now I have to accumulate 4000 points for November to keep my STL status.


I keep the rank I have in the previous month for the whole of the next month.  If I don’t accumulate enough VP’s for that rank, I would move down.


Anyway, this is becoming a boring story, so I’m giving you the short version.  I got my 4000 VPs, so I’ve qualified as STL again 🙂  Now I have to start planning to move onto the next rank!


Because SFI is always ready to help, I very soon had a whole lot of Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs) That’s very nice because every active CSA is an important team member. But,  I had to get my own Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs), as those are the people I can work with directly.


I started telling people about SFI, placed some ads and managed to get a lot of PSA team members.  Unfortunately, the majority have been totally inactive (I wish I could just get through to them & make them realize what a golden opportunity this is).  I have  43 team members who do something every now and then, but I have 7 who are really serious about building their businesses and we are going great guns!


SFI _ Genealogy.png


So, November was a really great month for me. Commissions are calculated by SFI on or about the 10th of the following month, so I’ll only be able to post my updated commission earnings then.  According to my calculations (from the Scoreboard) for November I’m looking at $51.54 at this very moment (7h40 on 30/11).  Keep in mind that my local time in Johannesburg is 8 hours ahead of the SFI HQ in Lincoln, Nebraska USA.


SFI Scoreboard3011

 With Great Strides FORWARD …


Awesome Income!
Awesome Income!
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