With Great Strides Forward


Well, it’s nearly 5 months later (I joined SFI on 23 Oct 2014) and I can now confirm that joining SFI was the best business decision I have ever made!


I’ve made great strides in building my business and am a Gold Team Leader now. There are a few great team leaders in my team, and I am constantly looking for more.


I have a whole string of badges that I’m very proud of.  If you click here you can see them!  I’m not earning a fortune yet, but I can happily cover my business expenses.  My income is growing every month and I’m sure in the not too distant future I will start making a profit. The greatest feeling is seeing the residual income every month – IT ROCKS!




The main thing is, I’m doing great and loving every minute of it!  I can already see myself in Uruguay within the next 18 months.  Sitting on the beach, working on my SFI business 🙂


And to think, I nearly killed my business before I even got started!


If you are looking for a genuine business opportunity, look no further –  SFI is IT!  But you have to understand that it is not an overnight “get-rich” scheme.  If you are willing to work the program, it will work for you as it does for me. On the other hand if you are looking for something that will bring in money without you having to do anything, then this is not the business for you.



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