Dare to Take Charge: How to Live Your Life on Purpose



So many times in life we let great opportunities slip by because of fear.  We use every excuse in the book like:

                                                                                                 NO TIMEno time

   NO MONEYNo Money







                                                    NO EDUCATIONNo Education





No support


the list goes on  …… and on …. and on …..  you know it’s true 🙂

but,  if we’re really honest, 9 out of 10 times it is because of fear …… fear of failure, of ridicule, fear of whatever!


If you’ve ever let good things go (and regretted it later), you owe it to yourself to read Judge Glenda Hatchett’s book, Dare To Take Charge


For nearly 10 years, Judge Glenda Hatchett has delighted TV audiences with a brand of justice that turns the everyday into something eminently watchable.


Her message can be distilled into the following two words: Dare Yourself. Whatever obstacles or fears one faces, Judge Hatchett’s prescription implores readers to write their own story in this life. With care and conviction, Judge Hatchett uses real life stories from the courtroom and her personal life to counsel readers.


DareToTake Charge800She shows them how to find their true purpose and gifts, to be real about their reality and its potential outside of challenging circumstances, and to always be true to themselves.


Interactive as well as inspirational, Dare to Take Charge challenges the reader to ask self-reflective questions that lead to moments of self-discovery and a defined pathway to healing.


Daring her audience to study the positive with the same interest and intensity that they study the negative, Judge Hatchett uncovers the potential for grace and success in lives that are now punctuated with despair and unfaithfulness.



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