With Great Strides Forward


Well, it’s nearly 5 months later (I joined SFI on 23 Oct 2014) and I can now confirm that joining SFI was the best business decision I have ever made!


I’ve made great strides in building my business and am a Gold Team Leader now. There are a few great team leaders in my team, and I am constantly looking for more.


I have a whole string of badges that I’m very proud of.  If you click here you can see them!  I’m not earning a fortune yet, but I can happily cover my business expenses.  My income is growing every month and I’m sure in the not too distant future I will start making a profit. The greatest feeling is seeing the residual income every month – IT ROCKS!




The main thing is, I’m doing great and loving every minute of it!  I can already see myself in Uruguay within the next 18 months.  Sitting on the beach, working on my SFI business 🙂


And to think, I nearly killed my business before I even got started!


If you are looking for a genuine business opportunity, look no further –  SFI is IT!  But you have to understand that it is not an overnight “get-rich” scheme.  If you are willing to work the program, it will work for you as it does for me. On the other hand if you are looking for something that will bring in money without you having to do anything, then this is not the business for you.



November 2014

Awesome Income!
Awesome Income!

The Amazing Month of November


Right, so now it’s the first day of November and I’m ready to go.  The thing is, although I still have all the VPs I accumulated for October, they don’t count for November. So I have to go through all the stages for re-qualification.


This is how it works:  I get VersaPoints (VPs) for everything I do.  From doing my daily to-list, playing games, taking part in auctions, selling stuff and so on.  I need a certain amount of VPs to advance in rank.


When I joined SFI I automatically became an affiliate.  You don’t need any VPs to be an affiliate, but obviously the idea is to grow my business.  So I have to advance my rank.


Here’s the VP’s needed:

Executive Affiliate  (EA) 1500 ;   Bronze Team Leader (BTL) 3000 ;  Silver Team Leader (STL) 4000

Gold Team Leader (GTL) 5000 and Platinum Team Leader (PTL) 6000.


I’m not going to explain the benefits of each rank now, that’s a whole other post.  But I’m sure you get that the higher rank you have the nicer the benefits:-)


When I joined, my goal was to see how quickly I could make it to the highest rank possible.  I only realized later that maybe that was not the best strategy.  Good though, because now I have knowledge that I can pass on to my team members that will make it easier for them 🙂  I made it to STL in record time, but now I have to accumulate 4000 points for November to keep my STL status.


I keep the rank I have in the previous month for the whole of the next month.  If I don’t accumulate enough VP’s for that rank, I would move down.


Anyway, this is becoming a boring story, so I’m giving you the short version.  I got my 4000 VPs, so I’ve qualified as STL again 🙂  Now I have to start planning to move onto the next rank!


Because SFI is always ready to help, I very soon had a whole lot of Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs) That’s very nice because every active CSA is an important team member. But,  I had to get my own Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs), as those are the people I can work with directly.


I started telling people about SFI, placed some ads and managed to get a lot of PSA team members.  Unfortunately, the majority have been totally inactive (I wish I could just get through to them & make them realize what a golden opportunity this is).  I have  43 team members who do something every now and then, but I have 7 who are really serious about building their businesses and we are going great guns!


SFI _ Genealogy.png


So, November was a really great month for me. Commissions are calculated by SFI on or about the 10th of the following month, so I’ll only be able to post my updated commission earnings then.  According to my calculations (from the Scoreboard) for November I’m looking at $51.54 at this very moment (7h40 on 30/11).  Keep in mind that my local time in Johannesburg is 8 hours ahead of the SFI HQ in Lincoln, Nebraska USA.


SFI Scoreboard3011

 With Great Strides FORWARD …


Awesome Income!
Awesome Income!

Taking the plunge


My First Week …


Remember how I told you about the Heavenly Intervention?  Well, I’m still positive it is the only reason I went back to my SFI Homepage.


I tried to ignore the welcome email from SFI but something kept on nagging at me.  How can you actually dismiss this without even trying?  True, it looked mighty complicated and confusing. True, you’ve tried many other things that didn’t work, but at least you tried.  Why then are you now giving up without finding out what it’s all about?


I gave in – and logged into my SFI account.


Right, so there I was.  A proud affiliate of SFI without a clue what to do!


And this is where the true magic happened.  The day before I felt intimidated and everything looked terribly complicated.  Now, as I sat calmly and read through the Basics and some of the other training materials, it felt as everything just fell into place!


I remembered that saying : every journey starts with the first step.  So I took the first step and started doing the Getting-started actions:

SFI Affiliate Center GettingStartedActions

I quickly realized this was not difficult and my points were climbing at an amazing rate! I was learning and at the same time earning!  What a pleasure.


So, by the end of October I was a Silver Team Leader with earnings of $1-96!


Now I can just see you snickering 🙂  But remember, I battled for years to earn small amounts from Amazon and CB.  And I most definitely NEVER earned ANYTHING in the first week!  That’s why I was so impressed with my first $1-96!


SFI _ My SFI Commissions


That was my first week as a SFI affiliate.


Next, the amazing month of November ….

It Nearly Did Not Happen!


Maybe I’m the only one who will ever see this, but I’m doing it anyway. I want to write down how I found what I’ve been looking for after 11 years. And I want to track my progress.


If by chance this helps another person to change their circumstances, it will be a bonus.


I now know exactly why you should never give up on your dreams, even if it seems that they’ll never come true.



Since 2003 I’ve been searching for a way to earn an internet income – preferably residual. I spent a lot of money (oh yeah, there are a plenty of internet marketers who smiled when they saw me coming) only to see my credit card balances go higher. I never saw the so-called guaranteed income. I tried everything, followed the advice of “gurus” and although I put in long hours, I just never got anywhere.


Even as an Amazon affiliate I only made +- $43 in about 3 years. As a Clickbank affiliate I got one payment of $121. I tried everything but just couldn’t make the sales to qualify for another payment. I then had to watch as my small balance dwindled because CB decided that if there were no sales, they would just take $5 or so every month off my account. Needless to say that account is closed now!


I got so despondent that I stopped and decided that I’ll just have to give up on my dream to be financially independent. I was so anti-internet income that I nearly missed the opportunity that changed my life.


I can only say that I got involved with SFI because of it Heavenly Intervention. I was adamant to never try anything again. To never waste time or money. NEVER! AGAIN!


So, here’s what happened :


On 16 October 2014 I received this email – everything in red is exactly as I got it :

To view this email as a web page, click here. SFILogo

Working online with SFI means to operate together with a reliable, innovative and dynamic Company, serving Consumers and Companies from all over the world. SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group was launched in 1998. Starting with just one product, sold only in the United States, SFI has now grown to more than 79000 products and services (and growing daily) sold in more than 190 countries around the world.
We are looking for:
Online Business Operator
You’ll run your own business through the internet from home, part or full time.
SFI guarantees:
• Security and punctuality in your monthly payment, by check or directly to your bank account;
• A “scientific” strategy to follow in order to achieve your income goals;
• All the management tools you need;
• Online training, including interactive live sessions;
• Ongoing assistance from your Personal Team Coach;
• Very high profitability.
What you need:
• A computer with a good internet connection;
• Passion for the internet;
• Willingness to learn a complete new job;
• Self-discipline;
• To be available at least 5 hours per week.

At the bottom was a blue block with a link I had to click (unfortunately I’m not able to copy it here)


I left it in my inbox. It sat there …. Patiently waiting ….


After about a week I was ready to delete it but instead decided to click on the link in the email … I was taken to a page with a short form to fill out. I was ready to click the little corner X when something stopped me. What could it hurt?

It would only take a few minutes and wouldn’t cost anything.


I filled out the form and got sent to the SFI registration page. Once again I wanted to just click the little corner X! AGAIN, something stopped me! It was free to join and I could just cancel if it turned out to be a waste of time. Where’s the harm? So I joined SFI …….


Now you have to remember, I wasn’t exactly open to the idea. In the back of my mind I was still thinking: “It’s just going to be another disappointment”


When I got to the SFI site I took one look and decided no way, this looks much too complicated. So I promptly went off to do something else …


Next …..Taking the Plunge

Click here if you are interested in learning more about SFI