315 Days with SFI!


Yes, here I am 🙂 315 days later and going strong!


My team is growing in leaps and bounds and I get very excited every time a new team member joins.  As always, most don’t even bother to do anything (if only they realized what a golden opportunity they are letting slip through their fingers), but those who start, read and ask for help are really my diamonds!  I am taking them to the top with me!


Gen Gen Count EA2 VP Non-EA2 VP
1 (PSAs) 510 5,100 4,577
2 380 2,120 364
3 507 0 2,875
4 1 0 0
CSAs 880 0 638
TOTALS 2278 7,220 8,454


I have a whole lot of badges that I’m very proud of, and the great thing is I’m having so much fun!  I am well and truly on the way to retiring in Uruguay!!


Not long to go and I will celebrate my first year with SFI.  Who would have thought?































































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